You Define success.
We'll help you get there.

Maybe you’ve wracked up some bad choices in life. Maybe you’re feeling discouraged or overwhelmed. At some point, most of us look around and wonder if this is all life has for us? 

It’s not. There’s so much more!

But, your version of success and happiness won’t happen by accident. If you’re wondering how you can possibly get from where you are now to where you want to be, you’re in the right place!

Zillions of people and companies make up the personal growth industry. What makes us different? Keep reading…

We Believe...

Character is the Cornerstone.

Honesty, integrity, and living a life based on truth are foundational character traits for achieving a life of hope and contentment—the cornerstones of a better life.

5 Principles can change your life.

There are five Primary Life Principles that can radically transform your life. They involve how you handle your integrity, friends, words, work, and money.

Wisdom is available to you.

Wise sayings, proverbs, common sense, and street smarts can help you make the right life choices. Every single choice you make impacts your life.

Life Change IS possible for you.

No matter how overwhelmed you feel. you can make positive changes and expect good results to follow.

Make a plan.
Work the Plan.

We'll give you exactly what you need to make a plan to improve your life. Small, consistent action can bring amazing results when you work that plan.

change takes time.

Good choices, strong character, and consistent action give a solid foundation for your future. Time is the last ingredient for creating lasting change.

Hi, I'm Steve.

Graduating from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business and earning a master’s degree at Georgia State eventually led to a senior executive position with a top insurance and financial institution where I directed strategic planning for one of their major divisions.

In the 1990’s, I left the corporate world behind and became an entrepreneur, founding a company I grew and then sold in 2010. With more time on my hands, I started writing and publishing books. Combining my strategic planning skills and an interest in wise sayings and proverbs, the Life Planning Series was born.

My wife and I live near Nashville, TN. When I’m not writing, I stay busy inventing new projects, making excuses to putter around on my tractor, and keeping an eye on my grandkids.