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Do you need a Road map?

If what you need most is a master plan and a clear direction, then our Life Planning Handbook is for you. It will guide you step-by-step through clarifying your life values, purpose, and priorities. Then it will help you define the action steps you need to make those plans reality. If you want a complete life plan, this is the book for you!

Or A more specific focus?

If you need to focus on improving one specific personal characteristic or habit, the Life Planning Series is perfect for you. These books cover dozens of topics fundamental to improving your life, like relationships, self-image, anger, money, leadership, and many others. They'll guide you through creating a plan to improve your life in one specific area of focus.

The Life Planning Handbook

Life Planning Handbook

The best tool for a better life is a personal life plan.

Imagine having your life under control and knowing your Life Goals! You can take control of your life! Change really is possible!

The Life Planning Handbook will guide you in developing a plan to live a better life. It’s a step-by-step process:  simple, easy, and personal!

The Life Planning Series


Good friends give meaning to your life! What if you had friends that would do anything for you?
Imagine friends in your life that had your best interest at heart. Trusted friends are the key to a better life. This book will help you take an objective look at your close relationships and how they impact your life. It will guide you in choosing your friends carefully and making your relationships last.


Honesty and integrity are foundational in living a successful life. What if you had an iron-clad reputation for honesty and integrity? How would your life change if everyone knew you were totally trustworthy? No matter where your reputation starts, you can achieve high personal character! You can be honest, live with integrity and base your life on truth. This book will help you generate purpose and direction in your life by crafting a plan to build your personal character.


Your self-image affects everything you do. You are special, unique, and perfect just the way you are. Are you happy in your own skin? Who determines who you are?  How do you think of yourself? Do you love yourself? Having a positive self-identity leads to improved health, positive personal relationships, satisfaction, peace, and contentment and increased self-esteem. One of the greatest feelings in the world is to have confidence in who you are. This book will help you develop a positive self-image.


You are a leader in some area of life. The kind of influence you have is up to you. Imagine if you could maximize your leadership strengths and become an effective leader today! You can inspire and empower those around you to be their best. Learn techniques, qualities, practices, and concepts to be an outstanding leader!


Words are extremely powerful. If you control your words, you control your relationships and your future. Whoever first said that “words can’t hurt me” must have lived a very sheltered life. Your words either hurt or help your relationships and affect the opportunities you have in life. If you struggle with gossip, criticizing others, negative talk, angry or hurtful outbursts, this book will help you know how to make the words that you speak more positive, healing, and healthy. Your words can be a force for good in your life!


The perfect book for those seeking answers about the existence of God. For someone curious about the big spiritual questions in life, this book will be a welcome guide. Does life have a purpose? What should I believe? Why does evil exist? If there is a god why doesn’t he eliminate evil? Which religion is true? Are religions all the same? Find thoughtful discussions and answers to these and many more questions.

Work Ethic

Developing and maintaining a good work ethic will enhance your reputation and lead into better jobs and career opportunities. You CAN improve your job performance. You CAN have great work habits. You CAN be diligent and hard working. In this book, we’ll help you identify how to be diligent and engaged with your work, resulting in a better life.

Financial Responsibility

No matter how deep your financial trouble, or how bad you think you are at money, you can learn to make good financial choices. You CAN fix your money problems and make wise financial choices. Your finances CAN be under control. By following a few simple financial rules, you can make your life far less stressful! This book will help you identify the financial path you want to travel and teach you how to make that journey.